Welcome Bag Guide:

The Best Welcome Bags/Gifts for Out of Town Guests:

Welcome bags are the perfect little happy for your out of town guests or if you will be having a destination wedding. More than likely, you will not be able to greet every single guest upon their arrival, so these are special little treats that will welcome your guests for you! These welcome bags will be in your guest’s hotel rooms upon their arrival and say, “We are so happy that you are here to celebrate with us!”

There are so many fun things you can include in your welcome bags and you can add as little or as much as you’d like. The number one thing to remember is to incorporate your theme and style into your welcome bags- this could be your wedding monogram labeled on the bag/box, or add cute personalized koozies, etc. Also, for design purposes, always stick to the same design and color scheme that will represent your wedding day. Consider using your stationer vendor to create customized paper, items, or stickers for the welcome bags. When deciding what all to put in your welcome bags, think about things that you, as a guest, would want to receive. Get creative!

Here are several fun items to include in your welcome bags/boxes:

o Always add something local: always include an item that is local to your wedding location, as guests would love to have some kind of “souvenir” since they are visiting your wedding location from out of town. This could be anything from local honey, a travel guide, watercolor drawing of your wedding city, or even beer from a local brewery.

o Something to drink: not only are there fun ways to incorporate something to drink, but it’s also a great idea because your guests will have something for their hotel room. Whether it’s a mini bottle of bubbly, or even just some sparkling water… your guests will love it.

o A sweet little treat: who doesn’t love a yummy dessert?!? Especially if you’re a guest that has a sweet tooth- this welcome bag treat will be the perfect touch. A sweet little treat could be fun, personalized cookies with your monogram, a box of chocolates, macaroons, or any kind of candy.

o A salty snack: if you have a sweet treat, you have to have something salty to go with it! Some salty snacks could be trail mix, homemade popcorn, cheese straws from Edgars, etc.

o Now, the most important part of the welcome bag is to include a little personality item from the bride & groom: think about adding a favorite of the bride and a favorite of the groom. Maybe the bride’s favorite drink is rosé- add a little mini bottle. Maybe the groom has a big Italian family- add a personalized mini bottle of olive oil. Or maybe your wedding venue is at a country club- add a personalized golf ball with the wedding date on it.

o Always, Always, Always add a hand written thank you card or little note from the bride and groom- thanking your guests for traveling to celebrate you both!


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